Church History

Founded on Faith

During the early part of 1880, Mr. William Luckett, Mr. Joseph Shroy, Mr. Frank McKimmey, and others began a Sunday School and Prayer Meeting in a one-room school house, Oak Hill, about two miles from the site of the present church building. Reverend L. B. Turnbull, pastor of Catoctin Presbyterian Church in Waterford, preached at least monthly in the school house. On November 9, 1884, after a revival meeting held with the Reverend William Dinwiddle, twenty Lucketts residents joined the church and began the plans for constructing Faith Chapel in Lucketts.

Construction of the church building was chronicled by Ms. McKimmey as follows:

“Messers. Luckett, Shroy, and McKimmey were appointed as a committee by Mr. Turnbull to obtain money, lumber and offer of hauling that a church might be built. Each one had faith to believe what had been started would be accomplished, so Mr. David Fry, a carpenter, was employed to build the church. When completed, there was a debt of $79.00. On Dedication Day, August 9, 1885, an offering of $89.00 was received and the debt was wiped out. Because this building had been erected through and by faith, it was named Faith Chapel.”

Church Timeline

1880 – Sunday School and Prayer Meeting began near Lost Corner, Virginia, by Mr. William Luckett, Mr. Joseph Shroy, and Mr. Frank McKimmey. Reverend L.B. Turnbull, pastor at Catoctin Church, preached at least monthly.

November 9, 1884 – Revival meeting led by Reverend William Dinwiddle, resulted in twenty new members for Faith Chapel.

August 9, 1885 – The new church building was dedicated.

February 14, 1886 – Mr. C. F. McKimmey became the first ruling elder.

March 1917 – The original building was extended by 22 feet. Acetylene lights were installed. Faith Chapel separated from Catoctin Presbyterian Church. Work began on Furnace Mountain Chapel and that building was erected without debt.

1924 – Five acres of land was purchased from J. W. Shroy for the manse property and a manse was built and valued at $4,500.

June 1934 – The first Vacation Bible School was held at Faith Chapel. 110 children were enrolled.

1935 – The 50th anniversary of the church was celebrated.

September 1945 – The addition of the Fellowship hall addition was dedicated. The 60th Anniversary was celebrated.

1944 – Electricity was installed at Furnace Mountain Chapel.

1958 – The two-story Sunday School building was added.

1968 – Improvements were done to the sanctuary.

Spring 1969 – The circular parch and steps were installed.

July 1975 – Over 200 people attended the 90th Anniversary celebration.

June 2007 – Faith Chapel and Furnace Mountain Chapel separated.

December 20, 2015 – Last Worship service at Faith Chapel.

July 15, 2017 – The Porch begins at Faith Chapel.