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Beliefs | Mission | Vision | Values

We are a Christ-Centered Covenant Community

• Jesus Christ is our Lord and we exist to serve him.
• God loves everyone and everything he has created, and sent Jesus to redeem us and our fallen world.
• God is constantly calling everyone to grow into a deeper relationship with him through prayer, worship and service.
• The Holy Spirit calls us together into Covenant Community to share Christ’s mission and ministry.

To help people discover and fulfill their calling in Christ by:
• Reaching out to all, seeking to minister to their needs in Jesus’ name.
• Introducing people to Jesus and inviting them to follow him.
• Preparing Jesus’ followers for their ministry and encouraging them to grow in their devotion to the Lord.
• Sending Jesus’ followers to minister in the world and supporting them as they serve.

To become a dynamic community of deeply committed Christians where Jesus Christ is encountered and lives are transformed.

We seek to answer Jesus’ call to discipleship, guided by the following principles:
• Prayerful Service
   o Prayer is the foundation on which our ministry is built.
   o Worship is the center of our life together
   o We seek to engage all people in service to Christ based upon prayerful discernment of their Spiritual Gifts and God’s calling.

• Compassionate Outreach
   o We will seek to respond to all human need with the love of Jesus Christ.
   o Church membership is a response to Christ’s call to self-giving service.
   o We welcome, care for and show respect for all people.
   o Our mission field has no boundaries.

• Personal Growth and Commitment
   o Church membership is based on a deep personal commitment to live for Jesus through a sacred covenant that is to be constantly reaffirmed and formally renewed on an annual basis.
   o In renewing their covenant with the Lord and this church, each member will be expected to develop a personal spiritual growth plan which includes cultivating a more vital personal relationship with God, growing together with others in community, and expanding one’s mission and service.

• Faithful Stewardship
   o We trust God to provide abundantly in meeting all of our needs.
   o We respond to God’s abundant provision by generously giving our time, talents and wealth.
   o We seek to use the material and spiritual gifts that God has entrusted to us to God’s glory.

• Team Ministry
   o We work together in teams to accomplish God’s work.
   o We encourage all to discover their calling to ministry and to invite others to join them in their work.
   o Team members mentor, support and encourage each other and hold each other accountable.